Youth Court

Youth aged 12-17 are subject to the provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) and Youth Court. One of the hallmarks of the YCJA is that the recognition that the immaturity, (and the impulsivity and inexperience that goes with it) of youth cannot be simply dismissed when they become charged with offences of a criminal nature. One of the hallmarks of all parents are that they want the best for their children, they want their opportunities to be vast and they know there are times their kids will make mistakes and there are times they will be at the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong person at some point. Youth today are exposed to technology that has exploded in the last 10 years- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc. is relatively new, and everyone has a cell phone and by extension- a camera, a listening device, a video camera, and the ability to let anyone in the world who wants to go to a website view the content they create and/or choose to distribute. Moreover, youth do not always appreciate that sharing your password to your cell phone or actual cell phone to a friend or allowing a friend to log in to their social media page can have extremely serious criminal consequences. These consequences can extend beyond the age of 17 well into adulthood and can have meaningful consequences to educational, employment, travel, and volunteering opportunities in the future. When a state agent like a police officer deals with an adult in a criminal investigation they have procedures they must follow so that an adult’s rights are not violated, well with youth these protections and procedures are even greater and more enhanced because Parliament recognizes that youth can be impressionable and do not always appreciate the consequences of their choices. The lawyers at Phillips Manucci have experience managing and guiding youth within the criminal justice system; we are aware of the enhanced procedures that must occur when dealing with youth and we appreciate that a well-prepared dossier of information from multiple sources can be a great asset when seeking the best result for a youth matter. If you are a youth and you want to discuss your matter or a parent and you are concerned about what these charges can mean or what can be done about it do not hesitate to contact Phillips Manucci at 780-250-BAIL (2245).