Weapons Offences & Firearm Offences

Weapons and Firearms are heavily regulated within Canada and the consequences of being convicted of certain offences within the Criminal Code of Canada will automatically result in a person not having the ability to possess weapons or firearms for a determined amount of time that can include a lifetime ban. This can have profound impact on some individual’s ability to seek employment and pursue activities involving firearms. At Phillips Manucci we appreciate that the ability to possess and own firearms, to engage in trapshooting, target shooting and hunting is often more than a simple recreational pastime for people. It is their primary passion, a way of life and the small window of the year they can get tags and go into our exquisite wilderness they have waited for all year. Both partners at Phillips Manucci have their restricted and non-restricted firearm licenses and they appreciate the concerns lawful owners have when facing charges, firearm and/ or weapons charges or charges under the Wildlife Act. In addition, the lawyers at Phillips Manucci realize that the associated regulations of the Firearms Act and the fine letter of the law regarding the technical requirements that parliament has enacted and that the police services across Alberta and the Crown must be mindful of can have an immediate and huge impact on a matter being prosecuted. These requirements are essential to be aware of when viewing disclosure, speaking to the Crown, preparing for trial and within the trial itself. Some of the harshest criminal consequences are for firearm offences. The consequences of being found in a vehicle with altered or restricted firearms that are loaded or unloaded, registered or unregistered can be extremely severe. Young adults are often not mindful of the consequences of using weapons or something they don’t believe to be a weapon or pellet guns or imitation firearms for mischief or pranks. Phillips Manucci realizes that a complete and concise understanding of the law and the facts pertaining to your matter is essential. Contact our office to discuss.