Violent Offences

Violent offences can begin with a simple assault- an intentional application of force without the consent of the recipient of the force. Depending on the harm that has been determined to be encountered by the victim of the alleged assault the charges can range substantially- from common assault, to assault causing bodily harm to aggravated assault. The sentencing provisions also range dramatically dependent on the section charged and in some cases the position the prosecutor takes. For example, a person charged with aggravated assault will face a straight indictable process- they have many options procedurally but also face harsh penalties and are exempt from some sentencing provisions that would be deemed as very favourable. Often charges can be downgraded upon a fruitful negotiation with a defence lawyer and a prosecutor- this can mean potential penalties are also lessened. Some of the largest penalties a person can face involve serious allegations of violence. The state will often utilize significant resources to investigate and prosecute these matters and the consequences of conviction can be overwhelming for the accused. The lawyers at Phillips Manucci have extensive experience with allegations of violence ranging from common assault to home invasions involving aggravated assault and confinement, robbery, and homicide. At Phillips Manucci our lawyers have argued cases successfully before Provincial courts and multi-day Court of Queen’s Bench trials. There are various defences open to individuals that find themselves facing violent offence charges, and the lawyers at Phillips Manucci explore these with you in detail. These matters can have facts that range from a quick impulsive act involving 2 people to something that built up over a period of time involving many people and many sources of potential evidence to be explored and scrutinized to provide a dynamic assertive complete defence. There are times however when after an analysis of the case a person has decided that they want to resolve the matter with a guilty plea and a sentencing and a prepared, complete concise position must be articulated and argued to the sentencing Judge or Justice. Phillips Manucci is prepared to do that as well if we are so instructed. If you or someone you know has been accused of an offence involving violence and you require assertive dynamic representation, contact Phillips Manucci and allow us to work on your behalf.