Parenting Agreement


Child custody is a special area of focus at Phillips Manucci, and we always strive to resolve child custody issues quickly and strategically to minimize the negative effects that the divorce or separation process can have on a child. Even in “best case scenarios,” kids will usually have a tough time adjusting after their parents separate, and that is why it is important to create a parenting plan that is focused on preserving the child’s best interests.

The Parenting Agreement helps divorcing or separating parents to make decisions about their children’s futures. These agreements usually help parents to negotiate and resolve numerous issues about the care of their children after the marriage ends. By completing a parenting agreement and plan, the divorcing or separating couple creates their unique parenting plan.

Important Questions that Need Answers

One of the first and typically the most important questions a couple will have is who will have primary care of the children (where they will primarily reside and be taken care of). Other important issues deal with visitation rights, holidays and what child support may look like. The weekly and daily schedule of individual children, their before, during and after school activities, must also be agreed upon.

Completing the Parenting Agreement

A parenting agreement can be crucial with the help of your lawyers, in negotiating what works best for you and your children.

The Parenting Agreement

The agreement starts with each parent’s name. The names and ages of the children affected by this agreement are then listed.

The next section determines how much time each parent spends with the children. Each child’s daily schedule is written down and the parents decide such things as pick-up and drop-off locations, and transportation arrangements. There is usually also a section regarding seasonal activities and vacations for each child.

Other sections of the agreement discuss religious upbringing, behavior management each child, and how the parents will conduct themselves in front of the children and with each other. If a parent has a problem with drugs, alcohol, gambling or other issues, this must be addressed in the agreement.

When parents’ divorce, it is important for them to hire a lawyer who practices heavily or exclusively in divorce law. It is also important for them work together for the benefit of their children. The Parenting agreement is designed to address the various issues regarding the custody and care of the couple’s children. Divorce can be a long and complicated matter. Choose a divorce lawyer to help you through this difficult process. The family lawyers at Phillips Manucci are ready to assist you in any way. Contact us today.