Fraud & Theft Offences

The lawyers at Phillips Manucci have assisted individuals with charges that range from theft under $5000 such as shoplifting to allegations involving specialized industrial and oilfield equipment valued well over $5000. Penalties for theft offences can range from diversion programs like AMP (Alternative Measures Program) that can leave a person without criminal record to theft from employer allegations that our own Court of Appeal has guided lower courts that jail is the starting point for convictions. It is not uncommon that a person has something else going on in their life when these offences are alleged, that needs to be explored and examined and it must be explained to the prosecutor and if need be the Judge that hears a sentencing on these matters. A criminal record for theft or fraud always has direct consequences for future employment opportunities and the ability to be licensed and bonded in some cases. Simply having an item in your home or vehicle that does not belong to you does not mean you will necessarily be found guilty of possession of stolen property despite what a member of a police service has told you. Nor does buying something off a website like Kijiji that was stolen at some point guarantee a conviction either. These matters are often fact driven and the lawyers at Phillips Manucci welcome the opportunity to discuss your matter with you and assist you with your defence. The police have clear procedures they must follow when they have gained entry to your car or residence or have made the decision to search your bags or property. Fraud and Theft offenses require a rigorous examination of disclosure and knowing what to look for to determine what if any defences you have available. Moreover, our office appreciates that when the Crown can prove the offences and a resolution is the best option that a good respectful working relationship with stakeholders and a concise and complete well thought out strategy and preparation for sentencing is essential due to the wide ranges of sentences involved. If you are facing a charges(s) involving an allegation of theft or fraud call Phillips Manucci to discuss your options.