Drug Offences

Drug Offences make up a sizeable amount of the cases at Phillips Manucci. Our office is familiar with the provisions of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and the application of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms within cases involving allegations of drug crimes. Phillips Manucci speaks to bail for individuals accused of drug crimes on a regular basis and we manage drug cases across Alberta. The penalties for simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking, production, and importation can be severe- depending on the charging provision and the schedule (the classification a drug has under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act e.g. cocaine, meth, heroin, fentanyl is schedule 1 and the most severe classification). Penalties for drug crimes can range all the way from a diversion program to life imprisonment. Having a strong advocate available for speaking to bail is essential when a person is charged with a 5(1) trafficking or 5(2) trafficking for the purpose of trafficking allegation. The consequences for these offences are severe so having an advocate who can present your circumstances and articulate why you are a good candidate for bail is crucial. Having favourable bail conditions that are not unduly harsh is essential to maintain employment and other obligations while your case is before the courts. It is not uncommon for the police to throw a large net and arrest several people in a car or truck, apartment or gathering with drug offences when the facts are ambiguous to who is if anyone is responsible. Drug convictions have immediate and long-term consequences for young adults and adults of all ages for that matter and a conviction will hamper travelling to the United States and in some cases, create an immediate denial of entry. Employers, educational institutions, and community organizations in some cases make decisions on a person’s applicability to be involved in their organization based on a drug conviction. People find themselves with drug charges for several reasons and it is not uncommon that the reason was due to an addiction issue that created a situation and a catalyst for poor decisions to support a habit. Phillips Manucci understands this and the struggles that families will go through when someone they care about has been crippled by drug addiction and made unfortunately poor decisions as a result-we have the experience to assist you with these matters.