Domestic Offences

One of the most frequent areas of the criminal law that most people will encounter will be in the context of domestic offences. Charges of assault, uttering threats, and criminal harassment are before the provincial courts in every jurisdiction of Alberta. It is not uncommon that the police in some communities almost take a “zero-tolerance” approach when called to a location that has reported a possible occurrence of domestic offences. The result can sometimes mean that someone gets charged with an offence when there were clearly two sides (or more) to the story. It is not uncommon, in fact it is the norm, that a person charged with domestic offences will have conditions to not attend the place where the incident occurred or where the complainant lives (often where you live) and have no contact directly or indirectly with the complainant and other parties. Not having the ability to reside in your own residence or to communicate with your partner can be extremely stressful and will bring an incredible amount of complication and anxiety into your life. The court system moves at a pace that never pleases everyone and conditions and the matter you must deal with can seem overwhelming.

The lawyers of Phillips Manucci have dealt with hundreds of domestic offence cases- from husbands and wives, girlfriends and boyfriends, LGBT and straight couples, people who met online, at a social event or by chance. We have dealt with an age range from teenagers to individuals in their eighties. The emotion, passion, intensity and investment we put into our interpersonal and intimate relationships can sometimes have the undesirable effect of bringing us into the realm of the criminal law. The lawyers of Phillips Manucci realize that no relationship is optimal all the time, some have longstanding issues internal and external to the relationship, some are volatile due to rivals or competing actors, and some have factors such as substance abuse, addiction, health issues, text and social media influences that can fuel unusual behaviour and poor decisions by several players within the relationship. The facts and individuals in these matters are as unique as the people involved within them. The lawyers of Phillips Manucci have the experience with these matters to provide effective representation that can bring about desired results- be it being allowed back in the home, having conditions relaxed, amended, or deleted, collaborative resolutions such as peace bonds and withdrawal of charges. It is not uncommon that these matters will go to trial and Phillips Manucci has extensive experience taking these matters to trial. The lawyers of Phillips Manucci realize there is always more than one side to the story- we want to hear yours.