Bail Hearings

If you become involved in the criminal justice system the importance of bail cannot be understated. When your liberty and freedom is at stake so is your ability to maintain day to day obligations such as employment, parenting, paying your mortgage and bills and maintaining your personal and social relationships. The list goes on almost indefinitely because this stage of the criminal justice system can quite literally put your life on hold- even when you have a complete defence to the charge(s) you are facing. If you make the poor decision to speak to bail in an emotional and unprepared state by yourself, you risk being bail denied or with bail conditions you cannot meet or comply with- you might be setting yourself up for failure. Our court system is clogged and burdened and matters can often have what feels like a stagnant existence; facing that a remand facility or having conditions that overtly restrict the life you knew for that extended time can lead a person to agreeing to resolving their matter at not the most advantageous stage or not accepting a truly good reasonable offer from the Crown. In a bail hearing you will find yourself involved in an adversarial system and the prosecutor (who has gone to law school and is experienced in creating argument) has a clear objective during the hearing. You want someone in your corner who has been there before and has had success, someone who can effectively prepare, advocate, and articulate your position under tight timelines if need be and advance your objective-maintaining your liberty and freedom and having bail conditions that are the least restrictive as possible so you can live your life and manage your obligations. The lawyers of Phillips Manucci have successfully conducted bail hearings at the Justice of the Peace level (JP), Provincial Court level, and bail reviews at the Alberta Court of Queen’s Bench. If you or someone you know is facing a bail hearing- don’t face it alone- call Phillips Manucci at 780-250-BAIL (2245).